Wounded Soldier, Iraq (2003)
Staff Sgt. Cherie A. Thurlby
11" x 17"
Edition of 9

PFC Jeffrey Wolf suffered severe shrapnel wounds in the stomach as the result of an IED attack on his convoy. I found him and eight other wounded troops in a makeshift hospital at Baghdad International Airport. For some reason I was particularly drawn to PFC Wolf. I noticed his identification bracelet and his name was almost identical to my good friend and fellow photographer, Jeffery Wolfe. During times like this when you are scared and at war, I think there is the tendency to attach undue meaning to certain things andbased on this similarity in names I felt a small connection with him.

I often have a hard time photographing people who are suffering or in pain because I don’t want to invade their space or privacy, but when I asked PFC Wolf if I could take his photo he gave me the warmest smile and nodded his head yes. As I was taking his photo, I couldn’t help but feel as though I should be the one smiling at him and making him feel more comfortable. The field doctors said and they were uncertain whether he would live and regrettably I do not know if he made it or not.

Official United State Air Force photograph.