U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Stacy L. Pearsall
Stacy L. Pearsall got her start as an Air Force photographer nearly ten years ago at the age of 17. In 2003, she became one of only two women to win the NPPA Military Photographer of the Year competition since it's inception in 1961, and in 2007, the only woman to have won the award twice. In the fall of 2004, she attended Syracuse University where she was presented with the Associated Collegiate Press Award. Her work has been seen in Time Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, PBS: Operation Home Coming and GQ Magazine: This is Our War. Other notables include her photo project titled "Birth Control Glasses" which was featured at National Geographic’s Look Photo Exhibit and her portrayal of combat experiences in Iraq titled "Inside an Ambush" in NPPA Magazine. Most recently, she took the NPPA Women in Photojournalism Competition’s top honors as Best in Show and placed in the Atlanta Photojournalism Contest. Pearsall has had three deployments to Iraq where she was witness to heavy fighting. She was injured by an IED blast on her second tour, and was injured again during her third deployment. For her actions in Iraq, Pearsall received an Air Force Commendation with Valor and a Bronze Star Medal. Today Stacy lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband Andy Dunaway, who is also a combat photographer.

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