U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Michael Watkins
U.S. Navy Photojournalist and member of the Combat Camera Group Pacific, Michael B Watkins has made his name covering Special Operations missions including hostage rescues, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Task Force operations, counter terrorism operations in the Philippines and the American evacuations from Beirut in 2007. Due to the sensitivity of these missions, not many photos can be released for public view; however, those photos that can be released have found their way to Fox News, CBS, CNN, and USA Today. His awards and accolades include the Combat Action Ribbon, Joint Service Commendation Medal, and 1st place winner of Nikon/Popular Photography Magazine Pop Photo Contest. He has been enlisted for 12 years and is a graduate of the Department of Defense’s Advanced Training in Photojournalism at Syracuse University. Watkins hails from Oak Harbor, WA and currently resides in San Diego and on active duty.

Photo by U.S. Navy Officer Johansen Laurel
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