Fuel Stop, Kuwait (2003)
Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway
11" x 17"
Edition of 9

It was the beginning of my first trip with Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to Iraq and we stopped in Kuwait for gas. We got off the C-17 from Charleston, SC and walked into the lounge while the plane was refueling. Rumsfeld made the most of the stop and held a meeting which was attended by his staff and members of the Kuwait military. Myself and the rest of the Secretary's staff were in another room just down the hall, however, through a side door I had a perfect vantage point. I positioned myself as close as I could and squeezed of a few frames just before the door closed. I love the background of this image, the symmetry and how it all works together in the frame.- Andy Dunaway

Official United States Air Force photograph.